Small Dog Boarding

Small Dog Boarding

At Pet Sitting Malta we try to cater for every possible situation that dog owners may be faced with when leaving their dogs behind. A common situation is that dog owners would be concerned when leaving their small dogs in an environment with bigger ones. This concern is a fair one and we do understand it. If a large dog simply slips and falls on a smaller dog then the smaller dog can get injured quite easily. Moreover small dogs generally do not require the same amount of exercise as large dogs would and thus they would need to have a different routine.

small dog boarding

In view of this we have partnered up with a reliable pet sitter and we are proud to offer a service which we called Small Dog Boarding. The idea behind this small dog boarding service is to provide a safe boarding environment where only small dogs are kept. Small is a relative term and what is small for one person may not necessarily be small for another. Therefore we use a guideline of weight to classify dogs. Dogs eligible for small dog boarding should not exceed 6 kg.

Dogs are still:

  • Walked regularly
  • Fed as per your instructions
  • Administered any medication they might be on.

The same rules apply and dogs eligible for small dog boarding must be:

  • Well socialised.
  • House trained.
  • Fully vaccinated with up to date records
  • Females must not be on heat

We only engage in boarding dogs that meet the above requirements. We take this approach to put your mind at rest that we provide your dog with the safest Dog Boarding environment possible.

We do understand the importance of feedback. Therefore as part of our Small Dog Boarding service, we take pictures and videos throughout the day and upload them to a secure location on our server. Dog owners would be able to access these photo and video updates from out “Pet Updates” section on this same website. In this way we reassure the owner that the dog is enjoying the Small Dog Boarding experience that we provide.

It would be our pleasure to explain in more detail our Small Dog Boarding concept. We invite you to drop us a message with any queries you may have through our contact portal. We would be more than happy to organise an introductory meeting, explain in more depth the idea behind our services and discuss how we could assist.

Small Dog Boarding