Pets at weddings

Pets at weddings

pet sitting malta dogs at weddings At Pet Sitting Malta we have the mentality of involving the pets as much as possible in our lives and we are here to facilitate that for you as well. Many pet owners, particularly dog owners, would love the idea of taking their pets to their wedding but the question that they ask themselves is usually, How? The answer to that question is Pet Sitting Malta – Pets at Weddings! As you can see in the pictures below we can make the dream of taking your pet to your wedding become a reality.

Every wedding is different and we understand and respect that. Therefore we offer a tailor made approach for every wedding. We are as flexible as your ideas are and we try our best to make your ideas come true on your wedding day to make it even more special.

Below is just a random small list of what is offeredpet sitting malta pets at weddings

  • Dog pickup before the wedding (or even a day before)
  • Dog delivery after the wedding (or even days after)
  • We can bring the dog to mass (subject to the permission from the church)
  • Dog at the reception for as long as you wish to.
  • Pictures of the dog during the wedding along with guests and yourself.
  • Making sure that the dog is adequately hydrated all throughout the event

We are very flexible to facilitate owners to take their pets at weddings. It is only up to the owners to make it happen, the possibility is now available.

Should you be interested in this service and like to receive more information kindly get in touch through our contact form on this website.

pets at weddings