Pet Relocation

Pet Relocation to and from Malta

Pet Relocation can be a headache for many pet owners. Many would not know where to start from and what is required in order for the pet to be cleared on arrival. The fear that something is not done properly resulting in the pet not being cleared on arrival and sent back, quarantined or even put down, is justifiably tormenting to many pet owners. This is the reality for many pet owners who would need to relocate at some point during their lives. At Pet Sitting Malta we try to help pet owners who find themselves in such a position.


At Pet Sitting Malta we routinely help many individuals with their pet relocation to or from Malta. We routinely assist with the relocation of cats, dogs, and other small caged animals. Moreover we can assist with:

  • Logistics, veterinary support and required documents.
  • Pet transfers to or from Malta International Airport.
  • Taking pet measurements, supply of IATA approved pet travel crates, crate delivery and assembly.
  • Pet reception on arrival.
  • Pet sitting on arrival until you find the appropriate accommodation in Malta.
  • Pet dispatch abroad.
  • Pet sitting before dispatch.

Our aim is to make the relocation process a seamless experience for you and your pet. We do the heavy lifting so you can focus on the multitude of other tasks that are associated with any relocation operation. Should you need assistance with your pet relocation to or from Malta or have any other associated query, please do get in touch. It would be our pleasure to assist you and to make sure that your pet makes it safely to the intended destination.

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