Online Pet Register Search

Online Pet Register Search

At Pet Sitting Malta we try to be as proactive and helpful as possible towards pet owners and their pets. That is why we have set up this Online Pet Register Search function.


The aim of this function is to trace lost pets to their owner by means of the microchip code. If your pet is to go missing, the person who finds the pet will most probably go to a veterinarian or sanctuary in order to trace the microchip number to the owner. We can also scan the chip ourselves so if you are reading this because you found a lost pet, please get in touch!! If you have already scanned the chip and know the number, just insert it below and hit search. If we have a match, the system will return the pet name, a photo of the pet and the owner’s phone number.

To register your pet just proceed and fill in the registration form below. This service is totally free of charge and open to anyone in Malta. Any pet can be registered as long as it is chipped. We market and promote this service so that people such as veterinarians and sanctuaries know about it and check chip numbers of found pets against our database before rehoming.

To test how the system works we have set up a test record that you can look for. Just look up the test chip number “111” in the search below.

Search our database for a chip number.

[pdb_list search=true suppress=true search_fields=pet_chip_number]

Register your pet for Free!!


This system is not intended to be a replacement for the government livestock register but only as an added tool for those who wish to make sure that their pet is traced to them in case of loss.