No More Fireworks Festival

malta international fireworks festival

A new site for the Fireworks Festival at Marsaxlokk!

A big thank you and well done to Nevise Borg Caligari.

The day of the Malta International Fireworks Festival at Marsaxlokk was always dreaded by the dogs as well as the volunteers of the Island Sanctuary. Reason being that the fireworks were always set off from a field literally adjacent to the sanctuary. Needless to say that the fireworks exploding above, used to terrify the dogs year after year. So while the crowd was happy enjoying the festival from the other side of the bay, many dogs were passing through a great degree of anxiety and pain.

However this will no longer be the case. As Nevise Borg Caligari posted on Facebook, a new site to launch the fireworks will be found.

Needless to say that this news has been welcomed by many, but mostly by the dogs at The Island Sanctuary.

View Nevise’s original Facebook post here

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