Mount Etna

Lulu in her ski suit on Mount Etna

Mount Etna

Sicily is the closest place to Malta and we have already been numerous times especially in the southern and eastern parts of the island. In light of this we were more interested to visit Mount Etna as our first stop.

We drove all the way up to Rifugio Sapienza located at an altitude of 1912m above sea level. Although at sea level weather conditions were comfortable, at Rifugio Sapienza things were “slightly” different. All the place was covered in snow. Despite the cold weather we went for a walk with the dogs (Lulu put on her ski suit!!) and since it was quite late we decided to spend the night there. As it got darker the ambient temperature started going down and getting chilly. Thankfully we have a wood burning stove in the van which did a good job and keeping us comfy throughout the night. Little did we know that the following morning we would wake up literally in the clouds!!

Panoramic view on our way up Etna
Stray dog on Mount Etna watching over his “Territory”
Lucky & Lulu sleeping near the stove after a walk in the snow on Mount Etna
Waking up in the clouds at Rifugio Sapienza Mount Etna
Waking up in the clouds at Rifugio Sapienza Mount Etna
Malta to Catania
The Processionary Caterpillar - A Dog Hazard!!

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