Dogzilla – The app every pet owner should have!!

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Dogzilla – The app every pet owner should have!!

We are happy to announce that our Blog has its dedicated section on DOGZILLA, a free, one of a kind & user-friendly app created for pet owners in Malta and Gozo!!

Pet Sitting Malta had the pleasure to meet cheeky Monkey and his owner on a group walk some time ago. During the walk we got to learn about how the DOGZILLA app was created by Monkey and his team. The app has got potential a definitely a highly recommend app to any pet owner in Malta and Gozo!!

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Download the app on Android and iOS!

Why Dogzilla?

The app’s main objective is to be useful and easy to use. It is totally free with no adverts and no registration!! Just download it on Android or iOS and you are ready to go.

Packed with useful goodies to help owners care for their pet more easily: maps, emergency numbers, pet travel requirements, reporting lost pets, travel blog, …

The aim is to help build a connected community of animal lovers. Users can share their own tips & locations to help improve the maps. Dogzilla is a unique app because it is a ‘by owners, for owners’ app. You can contribute!!

Whether you’re a dog or cat owner, you can become part of a group of caring, info-sharing, animal-crazy friends.

How to get Dogzilla?

This free app is available on Google play store as well as on Apple store.

Let us know what you think about the app in the comments section below. Spread the word so others use the app and let us know of any features you would like to see added int he future.

Proudly brought to you by Pet Sitting Malta in collaboration with Monkey, Dogzilla’s CEO & Good Boy

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