Dog Daycare

Dog Daycare

One of the main activities at Pet Sitting Malta is the service of Dog Daycare. Our Dog Daycare service is tailored for individuals who lead busy lives. Dog owners do not always have the possibility of giving their dogs the proper exercise and attention required due to other commitments.


As with all our activities at Pet Sitting Malta, we try to raise the bar and go beyond traditional methods of operation. We believe that exercise is the main key to having a physically healthy and mentally stable dog. Therefore exercise is a main component in our daycare service. We also believe that simply having a dog loose in a confined space is not the ideal care that the dog needs. Psychologically dogs need to walk from one place to another within a pack structure. This walk or as frequently termed, The Migration, is very important for the dogs. It satisfies the primal need for the dog to be out on the hunt within a pack structure as its wolf predecessor. Instead of setting up premises where dogs are simply confined and left without any order, as in a traditional Dog Daycare set up, we organise days out where we try to mimic as much as possible and satisfy the dogs’ primal behaviour.

A standard concept throughout all our activities is that of providing the best individual care. A very common situation with traditional daycare environments is that dogs lose their individuality due to the number of dogs present. In order to offer an individualised approach we make it a point not to overload ourselves with many dogs at any one time.

Our Dog Daycare service is mainly geared for adolescent and adult dogs that need a considerable amount of exercise. In the case of puppies and senior dogs we suggest our dog walking service instead of daycare. The reason being that puppies would still need to develop physically before being exercised considerably and on the other hand senior dogs hand would be slowing down.

In order to offer the safest environment possible, we always conduct a preliminary meeting with prospective dogs for daycare. A preliminary meeting is essential to:


  • Asses the sociability of the dog
  • Allow the owner to get to know us
  • Give time to the dog to get comfortable around us

We only offer daycare to properly socialised dogs that do not pose any hazard to other dogs. We do not offer daycare for these breeds. It is imperative that dogs are fully vaccinated and with up to date records. We take this approach to put your mind at rest that we provide your dog with the safest dog daycare experience.

A typical day for dogs on our Dog Daycare program involves:

  1. An early morning pick-up and morning walk
  2. A proper rest phase.
  3. An afternoon / evening walk followed by drop off back home.

The walks are held in open spaces in the countryside where dogs are meant to be. We also take dogs swimming as sea water is not only beneficial for the skin and coat, but also helps the dogs remain cool on hot days. We guarantee that we will return a tired, happy and balanced dog.

We do understand the importance of feedback. Therefore as part of our Dog Daycare service, we take pictures and videos throughout the day and upload them to a secure location on our server. Dog owners are given access to this location via a secure link and can see what their dog was up to. In this way we reassure the owner that the dog is enjoying the Dog Daycare experience that we provide.

To learn more about our Dog Daycare service we suggest dropping us a message through our contact portal. We would be more than happy to organise a meeting, explain in more depth the idea behind our services and discuss how we can assist.

dog day care