Cat Boarding Facilities

Cat Boarding Facilities

As you might have already read numerous times, our philosophy behind pet boarding is that of keeping it small in order to provide a home environment to the pets on board. That lead to the success of Pet Sitting Malta and as a response to numerous requests to provide facilities for cats, Cat Sitting Malta was created. This page is a just summary of our other website called Cat Sitting Malta which is dedicated solely to our concept of Cat Boarding. If you are interested in Cat Boarding kindly follow this link to the proper page for more details.

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Since you are here you are probably looking for Cat Boarding while you are away. At Cat Sitting Malta we offer Cat Boarding however with a few pluses. The premises are composed of a few enclosures finished and furnished in a way so as to provide a comfortable home environment. Cats coming from different households are kept in separate enclosures so as to avoid potential behavioural problems and accidents whilst still having adequate room. We offer cat boarding service for all kinds of cats irrespective of age, size, breed or sex. We provide enclosures of different sizes which are finished and furnished so as to provide the best possible home environment away from home.

All the cats that we take on board are:

  • Kept within a designated enclosure.
  • Kept separate from other cats.
  • Fed as instructed.
  • Administered any medication they might be on at no extra cost.

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We do understand the importance of feedback. Therefore as part of our Cat Boarding service, we take pictures and videos throughout the day and upload them to a secure location on our server. Cat owners would be able to access these photo and video updates from our “Pet Updates” section on this website. In this way we reassure cat owners that the cats are enjoying the Cat Boarding experience that we provide.This is essential for cat owners to have peace of mind, knowing that the cats are OK and therefore make the most of their getaway.

You can also find Cat Sitting Malta on Facebook. On our Facebook page there are albums of previous cats that have been boarded with us along with comments from their owners. We suggest checking our Facebook page for your own interests. Sharing the Cat Sitting Malta page with your friends would be greatly appreciated. Please do put a like on our Facebook page “Cat Sitting Malta” to get updates on your Facebook news feed as well.

Should you be interested to leave your cat/s with us, kindly get in touch through our contact form on this website or by dropping us a message through our Facebook page. Dropping us an email costs nothing but can be essential to secure your booking. We would be more than happy to explain more about our Cat Boarding set up and tour you around the premises.

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