Booking System

Booking System

Welcome to Pet Sitting Malta’s online booking system. In order to offer the safest environment possible, we always conduct a preliminary meeting with prospective pets and their owners. A preliminary meeting is essential to:

  • Asses the sociability of the pet
  • Allow the owner to get to know us
  • Give time to the pet to get comfortable around us

We only offer our services to pets that are social and do not pose any hazard to others. It is imperative that pets are fully vaccinated and with up to date records. We take this approach to put your mind at rest that we provide your pets with the safest service possible.

In view of the above, the booking portal is protected by a password that is only given to owners whose pets meet the above criteria. Should you be interested in any of our services please contact us for a preliminary meeting. If you have been through the preliminary meeting and have been given the password please proceed below.

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