Pet Sitting Malta

Pet Sitting Malta

Thank you for visiting Pet Sitting Malta. Since you are here you are probably looking for some pet related service. Well, you have come to the right place because at Pet Sitting Malta we offer a variety of dog and cat related services. We always try to assist pet owners to the best of our capabilities. Our goal is that of being your point of reference for all your pet related services.

We offer a variety of services catering for both cats and dogs. The common denominator throughout our services is the idea of keeping things contained and on a small scale. We believe that this is fundamental in order to be able to offer an individualised approach to you and your pet. We believe that in this day and age traditional pet services are in need of a major overhaul. Instead of just sitting back, we actively participate to help bring about these changes.

Please browse this website to learn more about our services. Should you require any additional information please contact us. It would be our pleasure to hear from you and explain how we can assist with any of your pet related queries. Below is a short introductory video that we have prepared for you to have an idea of what we do.

This website is also linked to our Facebook page. Please do have a look at it as it gives you a better idea of what we do. Do leave us a like and share us with your friends if you like and support our approach towards pet sitting. With your help and support we can achieve a lot more for your pet.

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Matthew & Lucky